Founders’ stories.

Chris Larsen – CEO @Ripple

Serial fintech entrepreneur, Chris Larsen shares the key lessons he has learned building E-Loan, Prosper, and now, Ripple.

“Ripple operates down in the plumbing of financial transactions. It’s an area that consumers would never consider, but improving it has the potential to change the cost and quality of the financial services they purchase.”

Chris Larsen.

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Shlomit Kugler – Co-Founder and Global CEO @MyCheck

Shlomit Kugler explains how the founders of MyCheck built a global payments business by prioritizing the end customer.

“Restaurants work so hard to create delicious cuisine and offer efficient service. Then the payments industry puts a big clunky barrier in the way of satisfying diners. It seemed a problem in need of a solution.”

Shlomit Kugler.

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