Portfolio companies.

Company: iZettle
Founder: Jacob De Greer
Headquarters: Stockholm
Type of business: Mobile Payments

iZettle delivers a service that includes a fully integrated payment solution, consisting of an app, a chip-card reader and a free business management software tool that lets anyone take card payments and manage their business.

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Company: MyCheck
Founders: Erez Spatz, Asaf Talmor Wertheimer, Shlomit Kugler & Tal Zvi Nathanel
Headquarters: Tel Aviv
Type of business: Mobile Payments

MyCheck is a checkout technology that enhances the merchant and guest experience by integrating into point of sales system. The technology allows users to view, split and pay their bill straight from their mobile devices.

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Company: Cyanogen
Founders: Kirt McMaster & Steve Kondik
Headquarters: Palo Alto, CA
Type of business: Software

Cyanogen is a leading mobile operating system pure-play, based in California. The company is known for its commercial distribution Cyanogen OS and open-source distribution CyanogenMod.

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Company: Ripple
Founders: Chris Larsen
Headquarters: San Francisco, CA
Type of business: Software

Ripple provides global financial settlement solutions to enable the world to exchange value like it already exchanges information – giving rise to an Internet of Value (IoV). Ripple global settlement network allows banks to transact in real-time, across currencies, without the need of multiple intermediaries, and with minimum costs.

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Company: Kabbage
Founders: Rob Frohwein, Kathryn Petralia, and Marc Gorlin
Headquarters: Atlanta, GA
Type of business: Alternative Lending

Kabbage has pioneered the first financial services data and technology platform to provide fully automated funding to small businesses in minutes.

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Company: Digital Asset
Founder: Blythe Masters
Headquarters: New York
Type of business: Distributed ledger infrastructure for capital markets

Digital Asset’s mission is to improve efficiency, security, compliance and settlement speed while reducing costs through the implementation of Distributed Ledger Technology. Its products serve the entire financial ecosystem through the creation of tailored business logic applications using privately permissioned networks that employ a cryptographically secure and shared infrastructure. Digital Asset software has the potential to significantly improve post-trade processing efficiency and security, while reducing cost, latency, errors, risk and capital requirements.

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Company: Elliptic
Founders: James Smith, Tom Robinson and Adam Joyce
Headquarters: London, England
Type of business: Blockchain intelligence. Identifying illicit activity on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Elliptic is the global standard in blockchain monitoring technology, and is recognised as an established authority on blockchain compliance. In addition to providing data and analytics services to financial institutions and law enforcement agencies around the world, Elliptic advises governments on blockchain regulatory matters.

In 2015 the firm was awarded ‘Security product of the Year ‘ by The Banker magazine and was a winner of the Swift Innotribe Start-up Challenge. In 2016 it was selected by KPMG as a “Top 10 Global Emerging Star” among Fintech startups.

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Company: SigFig
Founder: Mike Sha
Headquarters: San Francisco, CA
Type of business: Digital Wealth Management Technology.

SigFig is dedicated to providing all investors, large and small, access to high quality unbiased investment advice. Their digital wealth management platform combines design, data science, and technology to empower investors with the information and guidance they need to achieve their personal financial goals.

Through partnerships with some of the world’s largest financial institutions, SigFig helps clients access, and advisors provide, investment advice efficiently with next generation digital experiences..

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Company: Socure
Founders: Johnny Ayers, Sunil Madhu
Headquarters: New York
Type of business: Identity Management, Security, Social Media, Machine Learning.

Socure is the leader in digital identity verification. Its technology applies machine-learning techniques with biometrics and trusted online/offline data intelligence from email, phone, IP, social media and the broader Internet to power next-generation multi-factor authentication in real-time.

Socure bolsters CIP/KYC programs and AML/OFAC compliance for enterprises conducting business in over 180 countries, helping them to combat identity fraud, prevent account takeover, and increase consumer acceptance.

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Company: PayKey
Founders: Daniel Peled, Offer Markovich
Headquarters: Israel
Type of business: Payments technology.

PayKey provides banks with a mobile touchscreen keyboard to allow clients to initiate P2P payments across social media chat apps (Facebook, Whatsapp,…) under a bank-branded extension of the banking app.

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Company: Tradeshift
Founders: Gert Sylvest, Christian Lanng, Mikkel Brun
Headquarters: San Francisco
Type of business: B2B platform for SMEs

A cloud-based enterprise software platform focused on supply chain solutions for buyers and suppliers. Tradeshift partners with specialist providers to offer advanced, best-in-class solutions to SMEs.

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Company: Curve
Founders: Tom Foster-Carter, Shachar Bialick
Headquarters: London, England
Type of business: Banking and payments

Curve simplifies the way you spend, see and save your money – by combining all your cards into one Mastercard, connected to a mobile app. It allows you to see every transaction in real-time across all your bank cards on one simple screen.

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Company: Pixoneye
Founders: Ofri Ben Porat, Nadav Tal Israel
Headquarters: London, England
Type of business: Mobile and software, using artificial intelligence and computer vision

Pixoneye enables banks, insurance and fintech companies to completely understand their mobile customer and deliver in-app hyper-personalisation, by analysing customers mobile photo galleries using AI and computer vision on device.

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Company: Gridspace
Founders: Evan Macmillan
Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA
Type of business: Software

Gridspace makes software for extracting structured data and analytics from conversation speech in real-time. Formed as a collaboration between SRI Speech Labs, the lab behind Siri, and a team of Stanford designers and engineers, Gridspace takes an entirely new approach to speech processing.

Using unique artificial intelligence and high-performing computing techniques the company allows businesses to automatically turn spoken conversations into structured entities, service metrics, classification labels, prediction scores, and similarity rankings – among other tasks that would otherwise require tremendous human effort. This enables businesses to deeply understand and quickly react to their customers, employees and markets.

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Company: ePesos
Founder: Oscar Robles
Headquarters: Monterrey, Mexico
Type of business: Payments

ePesos is building the new payment rails for the underbanked and unbanked in Mexico. Through its platform, ePesos enables partners to offer low-cost short-term working capital through a revolving line of credit to SMEs without a bank account. Borrowers receive and repay funds through a custom built mobile wallet. In addition, ePesos is partnering with HR software companies to provide affordable payroll advances. With ePesos, employees are able to access funds instantly without going through complicated internal procedures.

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Company: Autofi
Founder: Kevin Singerman; Mandar Gokhale
Headquarters: San Francisco, CA
Type of business: Automotive, Financial Services, Point of Sale

AutoFi is a financial technology company transforming the way cars are bought and sold. AutoFi’s platform allows auto dealers to sell vehicles completely online by connecting buyers with lenders in a fast, easy and transparent process.

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Company: Roostify
Founder: Rajesh Bhat; Harry Cheung; Jonathan Kirst
Headquarters: San Francisco, CA
Type of business: Enterprise Software, Internet, Real Estate

Founded by consumers looking for a better way to buy a home, Roostify delivers accelerated and transparent online mortgage experiences. From enterprise banks to independent brokerages, dozens of lenders across the United States trust Roostify to speed up closings, reduce unnecessary work and give their customers a smooth, anxiety-free mortgage experience.

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Company: Creditas
Founder: Sergio Furio
Headquarters: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Type of business: Banking, Consumer Lending, Personal Finance

Creditas is a secured lending platform, operating with a mission of reducing the Brazilian consumer debt burden and significantly reducing interest rates. Based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the company employs technology and data-driven intelligence to improve the borrower’s experience.

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