Our focus.

Global reach

We want to help create sustainable companies by bringing them all the value the Santander Group has to offer. We have a global reach, with a particular focus in Iberia, UK, US and Latin America, where Santander has a strong presence in 10 major geographies serving over 107 million individual customers.

Vertical sectors

While we keep an open mind to all areas of FinTech, we focus on five key verticals which we’ve prioritised to bring the most value to our customers:

  • Payments: We want to enrich our customers’ experience around the wallet and its ecosystem, both on the consumer as well as the merchant side.
  • Marketplace lending: We’re looking to partner with marketplace lenders to allow us to provide alternative sources of lending to our customers, as well as using new data sources to provide better access to credit.
  • e-Investment advisory: We aim to use online systems to distribute financial investment products with self-service and planning capabilities to our customers along their lifecycle, from university students to private banking clients.
  • Client and risk analytics: We are looking for the next wave of ideas that will allow us to better predict the needs of our customers.
  • Digital delivery of financial services: We understand our customers are changing the way they consume financial products, and we focus on enriching our value proposition to them, looking for opportunities in the areas of PFMs, Blockchain, API-based banking, insurance and more.

Investment size and stage

We can invest as little as $100,000 or as much as $10M (or even more if we believe it’s an exceptional opportunity). We invest in early stage companies with a product or service that is mature enough for us to take to our customers. We want to help these companies scale and grow by opening our bank and giving them access to distribution, expertise and brand.


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